02 May 2020 | Saturday Night Swiss Tournament Report

By: Horatius

First ever set of Saturday Swisses was played last night. 44 Players joined into 3 flights of gameplay–1×16 player swiss and 2×14 player swisses. The Gladiator format stills seems wide open: a huge array of decks joined the fight covering every archetype and color (…and then some–shoutout to Griff-dog who brought a Dance of the Manse combo deck that went 0-4 but won the entertainment factor of the night).

This diversity was also seen in the top lists. Aggro, Tempo, Midrange, Control, Ramp, and Combo are all present in the top 25% of decks from the night.

The following 13 decks had winning records:

Flight #1

4-0Temur Ramp Narwhalrus 
3-1Mardu Shonen Dwaginz 
3-1Esper Control DarkRider 
3-1Gladiator Stompy Thaige 

Flight #2

4-0Gruul AggroSwankishdank
3-1Izzet Tempo Irishlawyer 
3-1Jeska Aggro MuddyMundo 
3-14C Blood Samsoni1 

Flight #3

4-0Mardu Control Tregelen 
3-1Bant Nexus Archermaster24 
3-1Mono Red Aggro DeBugg 
3-15C Gruul JimJambo 
3-1UG Ramp Nlght 

Clearly there is still a home for almost any deck, so bust out your thinking caps and bring your spiciest lists!

We hope to repeat this event in the future. More gameplay and tournaments are always a plus. Keep an eye out for more unofficial and impromptu Saturday Swisses. Maybe You can solve the format!

Additional Decklists

2-2 Gladiator Fires Monowog 
2-2 Dimir Flash Pearogative 
2-2 Izzet Blitz croisvoix 
2-2Butterfly In Jeskai Juniper 
2-24-Colour Black MrPrototype 
2-2Jund Midrange TheMuskrat  
2-2BG Control JRandomHacker 
2-2Abzan Reanimator K1Lnice 
2-2Mono Green HyperMizutsune 
1-3Jersey Dumptruck Kyir 
1-3Jeskai Spells HalfshellHer0 
1-3Abzan Undertaker Gryphon 
1-3Esper Control Denthrass 
1-3Jeskai Control Statist42 
1-3Bant Ramp LargestLad 
1-3Mardu Aggristocrats cdgentry1 
0-4Gladiator Not-F2P Jund RIP_Enrico
0-4Abzan Rean Shenanigan AubieMan 
0-4U/W Manse Griff-dog
DROPGladiator Esper Control jon81
DROPGladiator – Song of Old Squirrel Lord
DROPMono Black Flexrange HeWhoHasCake
DROPMardu Aristocrats Katnissbot