09 May 2020 | Eurozone Tournament Report

By Dunebrood/Ephara

09 May 2020

On May 9th the second set of Saturdays Swisses were hosted by Horatio and myself. 28 players fought in 2 flights of 1×16 player swiss and 1×12 player swiss in 4 rounds Bo3 Gladiator. The following decks presented winning records.

Flight 1:

  1. 4-0 Darrak on Sulltai Lands
  2. 3-1 GoblinMatron on Sultai HL
  3. 3-1 Ahxes on 4c Pod
  4. 3-1 Empty_Gryn on Bant Reclamation
  5. 3-1 Dan2000c on The Rock

Flight 2:

  1. 4-0 KingGurrade on Gladiator Gruul
  2. 3-1 Archermaster24 on Bant Nexus
  3. 2-1-1 jon81 on 5c Niv
  4. 2-1-1 karara on Jeskai Sharks

The pods this week were primarily filled with midrange decks, but control and aggro were still present. Especially popular amongst the control decks were Nexus decks, with 3 participants on Bant- and one on Temur-Nexus. Most of the midrange decks were along the lines of G/B/x decks playing with graveyards and Lands to obtain card advantage. There were also non-GB midrange off springs in Black less Pod and Temur Ramp.

 Of the 28 decks only 8 decks in the tournament did not play Green, with the second most played color being Blue at 16 decks. Another notable include was Field of the Dead with 17 of the decks running it in their mana base, and with those deck not running it, it was mostly due to being aggressive decks or 2 or mono colored. Only 4 of the 3 or more colored decks decided not to run field of the dead. Furthermore, there was a lack of grave hate in most decks, besides Bojuka Bog in the B/x decks.

In conclusion to this I think it is fair to say that we can expect green based midrange decks to be a big share in the metagame in the near future, due to a mix of good tutor effects, powerful green creatures and card advantage engines currently in our format. I think that most decks are still sleeping on graveyard hate. Cards like Return to Nature, Consecrate//Consume, Kaya, Orzhov Ursuper, Soul-Guide Lantern, Ashiok, Dream Render and Scrabbling Claws seem to be criminally underplayed. The card that I think should also be seeing more play is Mythos of Illuna, even without having G/R mana to trigger the Fight effect you can still use it to copy critical cards, such as Wilderness Reclamation, Field of the Dead or even your opponent’s Teferi, Time Raveler.

I hope you enjoyed reading this small Tournament breakdown and that it has given you some insight into the format. If you have any criticism or notes pls feel free to send me a PM on Discord or just @ me, I would be especially grateful for any criticism of my text writing skills as I it has been a bit since I had to write one even besides writing it English.

Yours Dune Brood#0924

Full Decklists:

Flight 1:

 Darrak Sultai Lands 4-0

 Dan2000c  The Rock  3-1 

 Ahxes  4C Pod  3-1 

 Empty_Gryn  Bant Reclamation 3-1

 GoblinMatron  Sultai HL 3-1

Flight 2:

 KingGurrade  Gladiator Gruul  4-0

 Archermaster24 Bant Nexus  3-1

 jon81 Gladiator 5C Niv  2-1-1

 karara Jeskai Sharks  2-1-1

Full list of decks and results:

 KingGurrade Gladiator Gruul  4-0

 Darrak Sultai Lands  4-0

 Archermaster24 Bant Nexus  3-1

 Dan2000c  The Rock  3-1 

 Ahxes  4C Pod  3-1 

 Empty_Gryn [G:AS] Bant Reclamation  3-1

 GoblinMatron Sultai HL  3-1

 jon81 Gladiator 5C Niv  2-1-1

 karara Jeskai Sharks  2-1-1

 Notbehaving RG moonsters  2-2

 Pokemonmasterjal Temur Ramp/Good Stuff  2-2

 Samconsumespie Gruul Aggro  2-2

 GerblinTamer23 Tissue Paper Aggro  2-2

 Warlordp  Esper GGz  2-2 

 JollySlayer  Abzan Reanimator  2-2 

 Tregelen Mardu Control  2-2

 ViolentPlatypus 4C Land Value  2-2

 MouseRa Boros Control  2-2

 NickFingertip Temur Reclamation Nexus  2-2

 SeismicLawns Tour de France  1-2-1

 DanniWins 4c Gravechantress  1-2-1

 flowerses Golgari Rock  1-3

 Avid  Bant Nexus  1-3 

 ConfusedTanuki Lurking Horrors  1-3 

 Dwaginz Mardu Shonen  1-3

 Bl1ghtn1n6 Big White  1-3

 Squirrel Lord Gladiator – Big Brain  0-4

 GentlemanRoomba Manic Blitzy dream girl  0-4