09 May 2020 | North American Tournament Report

It’s still pretty early in the format, and the meta game is slowly coalescing, however no truly dominant archetype has emerged. GX decks in both two and three color combinations have a large presence in the metagame, but if you compare the results of the European (early) and North American (late) Tournaments today, you still see aggro decks going undefeated, and diverse strategies from Jeskai Superfriends (below) to The Rock going 3-1. Player diversity is possibly also a factor, as not everyone has been grinding on the platform to have the ability to rapidly switch decks into new archetypes. We’ll continue to track tournament results and see what develops.

14-0White Weenie13Horatius_Alger#7069
24-0U/G Ramp13nlght
33-1Jeskai Control10TheTunnelingCat
43-1Bant Reclamation10Ryan Empty_Gryn
53-1Esper Control10ItThatBetrayed
63-1Sultai Creatures10Roval
7 3-1 Simic Flash10Pearogative
8 3-1 Sultai Graveyard10Unxcoin
9 3-1 Golgari Aggro10freddiethethird
103-1Jeskai Fires Superfriends9Monowog
112-1-1Bant Turbo Fog8Archermaster24
122-1-1Sultai Control8cronatos
132-25C Niv-Mizzet7crazylegs52#6603
14 2-2 Sultai Muldrotha Pile 7 TheRobAwesome#6803
15 2-2 Mardu Aristocrats 7 ToastedArts
16 2-2 Mono-Green Stompy7Thaige
17 2-2 Abzan Shonen7Swampmist
18 2-2 Mardu Aristocrats7nanacomehome
19 2-2 Big White7Bl1ghtn1n6
20 2-2 Abzan Enchantress7Wilcomax
21 2-2 Sultai Midrange7StalinRuSH
222-2Sultai Lands7tehfewl
23 2-1Medium White6BenGatheringTheMagic
241-3Golgari Midrange4Tregelen
25 1-3 Sultai Midrange4JennYuki92
26 1-3 Abzan Aristocrats4froshambo
27 1-3 Grixis Midrange4blackflagrebel
28 1-3 Abzan Maverick4ColonelError#31410
29 1-3 Mardu Vampires4notthepenguins
30 1-3 Mono-Black4AutumnRayne92
311-2Mardu Knights3Mathgeek
321-4Sultai Lands3jmba98
331-2Gruul Aggro3Samconsumespie
340-2Mono-Green Stompy0Haroldholmes
350-2Mardu Midrange0TheOneTrueBob
360-3Temur Ramp0HalfshellHer0