05 June 2020 | Tournament Report

By: Dune Brood

Tournament Breakdown

On June 5th, 28 Gladiators entered the Arena to battle for the title of the G:AS FNM Champion in a 4 rounds Best of 3. The following 8 champions emerged victorious.

  1. 4-0 alternate789 on Azorious Control
  2. 4-0 telemach0s on Simic Ramp
  3. 3-1 Decontest on Sultai Midrange
  4. 3-1 Yesterdaze on Mono White Aggro
  5. 3-1 Supreme Phantom on Bant Control
  6. 3-1 Archermaster on Bant Nexus
  7. 3-1 Ultrajelle on Mono Green Stompy
  8. 3-1 EMG on Sultai Control

The rest of the Gladiators also brought spicy brews to the Arena, with Blightning and Catmoozi on Storm and LittleFXRadio on 5c Enchantress.

4 – 0 alternate789#8369 Azorious Control
4 – 0 telemach0s Simic Ramp
3 – 1 Decontest Sultai Midrange
3 – 1 Yesterdaze Mono White Aggro
3 – 1 Stompy#4292 Bant Ramp
3 – 1 Archermaster24#2326 Bant Nexus
3 – 1 ultrajelle#3436 Mono Green Stompy
3 – 1 EMG#5330 Sultai Control
3 – 1 Swankishdank_0904 Temur Ramp
2 – 2 Bartosz Kąkol#2579 Tour de France
2 – 2 Horatius_Alger#7069 Dimir Flash
2 – 2 gozmit97 Gruul Stompy
2 – 2 panamakid Big White
2 – 2 duke_0f_y0rk Bant Midrange
2 – 2 Blightning#5514 Temur Storm
2 – 2 umodian#3623 Orzhov Midrange
2 – 2 catmoozi#1412 Temur Storm
2 – 2 GoblinMatron Izzet Control
2 – 2 ColErr#4168 Abzan Midrange
1 – 3 Quetheri#6235 Jund Aggro
1 – 3 Mystdream Medium Blue
1 – 3 LittleFXRadio#0962 5c Enchantress
1 – 3 Hernalius#2206 Bant Midrange
1 – 3 Medicusdota Abzan Reanimator
0 – 2 I_Exist Azorious Tokens
0 – 2 EarthKwake Ink-Treader Enchantress
0 – 2 getoffmylawn Dimir Flash
0 – 4 Croc64#9075 Mono White Aggro

Archetype and Color Distribution 

Color PairsAmountAggroMidrangeControlTempoRampCombo
Sultai 211
Mono White321
Mono Green11
Izzet Control11
Abzan 22
Mono Blue11

The Tournament shows still a rather healthy Meta Diversity. Most of the Archetypes in different color combinations are showing up singularly, and the different color combinations also don’t show a strong favorite for what people are playing. The color distribution still shows that green and blue are the dominant colors being played, with red and black really suffering from a lack of play. White still remains the support color of choice for most of the midrange decks. 

The Metagame of this tournament is diverse with 10 aggro strategies (Ramp, Tempo, Aggro) 10 midrange decks and 7 control strategies (control, combo). It should be mentioned though that the color distribution still strongly unbalanced, this is due to not only the strong cards in green and blue that have been printed in the last standard formats, but also can be attributed to the lack of density of strong cards in general. While green and blue offer strong cards in Uro, and similar, they even more critically offer a way of card selection that most other colors are lacking. This is most evident when taking a look at the control strategies and Midrange strategies, with most playing at least green or blue. In contrast to this red and white still lack a density of good one and 2 drops to really make the decks consistent enough. I think this will also be the trend going forward in Gladiator, with white or red based aggro decks and blue or green based midrange and control decks. There will probably be exceptions from this, however I think they will remain exactly that, exceptions.

Card of the Day is Veil of Summer. I know, not a very hot take, however I still see lots of green decks running without the card. With 22 decks playing Blue or Black in their deck, I think the floor is just to low not to include in the deck, as at its worst it is just a cantrip while at its best you will be trading two for one. On a similar note Once Upon a Time is a card many decks that competed today slept on. This could very well be a WC issue as people might not wanna draft the card, however I believe that it is a very strong include in all of the strategies we see. It helps midrange and control decks find lands and the colors they need, while aggro strategies can keep more greedy hands and find lands or gas depending on what they need. 

Furthermore It is a card that is reasonable to cast even if you just draw it later on. 

I hope you enjoyed this little write up and gave you some useful insights into Gladiator. If you have any comments, questions or criticism, feel free to contact me on Discord @Dune Brood#0924 or @Ephara#65980.