14 June 2020 | Sunday Slam Tournament Report

The 3rd weekly Sunday Slam occurred this Sunday, June 14th. Through 5 rounds, 8 players came to the top 8. Here are their standings.

1st: 4-1 Wilbur on Mono Black Aggro
2nd: 4-1 ultrajelle on Mono Green Stompy
3rd: 4-0 GoblinMatron on Bant Control
4th: 4-1 Nhiviol on Orzhov Midrange
5th: 3-2 MonoHog on Sultai Reanimator
6th: 3-2 telemach0s on Simic Ramp
7th: 3-2 Simriel on Abzan Lands
8th: 3-2 garfield on Jeskai Artifacts

And here are the rest of the decks from the tourney:

Player NameDecknameResult
Wilbur#9056Wilbur’s Mono Black Aggro4-1
ultrajelle#3436Ultrajelle’s Mono Green Stompy4-1
GoblinMatron#1674GoblinMatron’s Bant Control4-0
Nhiviol#3611Nhiviol’s BW Midrange4-1
Monowog#4992Monowog’s Sultai Reanimator3-2
Telemach0s#4761Telemach0s’ Simic Ramp3-2
Simriel#0838Simriel’s Abzan Lands3-2
garfield#9420Garfield’s Jeskai Artifacts3-2
Mordieth#6929Mordieth’s Rakdos Aggro2-3
DukeofYork#1758DukeofYork’s Bant Control2-2
CoPoLi#5991CoPoLi’s Bant Pod2-3
LittleFXRadio#0962LittleFXRadio’s 5C Enchantress1-3
Stompy#4292SupremePhantom’s Bant Ramp1-2
MandarinMonkey#5299MandarinMonkey’s Jeskai Control1-1
Artist_of_Cons#1141Artist of Cons’ Mono Black Devotion1-4
ThatPoorSod#8721ThatPoorSod’s Izzet Tempo1-2
Metbol#2740Metbol’s Grixis Flash0-2
Reckcoon#5614NateAtNight’s Mono Black0-1
BraveJRL#5608BraveJRL’s Bant Reclamation0-1
ItThatBetrayed#9656ItThatBetrayed’s Jund0-2

Additionally, the aetherhub tourney ranking page provides details on Opponent Match Win, Game Win, and Opponent Game Win Percentage. This helps explain the standings.

Some closing notes: It is really interesting to see Mono Black Aggro as the top deck of the tourney. With cards like Phyrexian Obliterator coming in with Historic Anthology 3, Mono Black has always been in a strong position. The boogieman of the format, Bant, was not able to win it as it tends to do. This harkens as well with how Mono Red won last week’s Sunday Slam. While Bant decks may seem to be on a downturn, it’s more likely that Bant is the easiest deck to get good results with. It will be exciting to see if this ease in playing correlates with a continuous  high win rate as the format’s age continues to grow.