Innistrad: Crimson Vow Set Review: Colorless & Lands

Hello Gladiators! I’m going to briefly go over the new lands and a few potentially impactful artifacts. I think these cards are something you can really sink your fangs into!

Slow Lands

Crimson Vow completes the cycle of slow lands by adding the Orzhov, Boros, Izzet, Simic, and Golgari color pairss, namely Shattered Sanctum, Sundown Pass, Stormcarved Coast, Dreamroot Cascade, and Deathcap Glade. Although they don’t come in untapped early or have basic land types, on turns three and beyond they will always come in untapped, a turn earlier than Fabled Passage. That’s powerful enough that even Multicolor Aggro decks are slotting these in!

Investigator’s Journal

At only two mana with repeatable card draw potential, Investigator’s Journal seems like a useful card against Aggro decks. At its worst it’s four mana to draw a card, but it’s more likely that your opponent has one to three creatures on board. For those of you running creature heavy decks, I’d caution you; that while this seems like a good idea, it’s a win-more card. If you have the mana to spend on drawing instead of developing your board, you’re probably already in a dominant position. Overall I think this card is just a worse Mazemind Tome. That card still has an effect even without extra mana to spend on it, and can scry or draw, with the upside of gaining 4 life.

Lantern of the Lost

Lantern of the Lost is similar to Relic of Progenitus, Soul-Guide Lantern, and Scrabbling Claws. So which to include in your deck? Choose Soul-Guide Lantern if your graveyard matters, but pick Relic or Lantern of the Lost otherwise. Lantern of the Lost is stronger in terms of an immediate effect, but Relic can stay on the battlefield longer and exile more cards over time, allowing you to hold it up longer while still having an effect.

I’ve assembled the following table for you to better compare the cards.

NameDraw a CardExile Only Opponent’s GraveyardExile All GraveyardsOne Mana to ActivateExile Target Card on ETBExiles One Card at a Time
Soul-Guide Lantern~x~x
Relic of Progenitusxx
Lantern of the Lostxx
Scrabbling Clawsxx

Voldaren Estate

This land adds a tool for Vampire Tribal decks to fix mana and comes in untapped. Voldaren Estate also has a manasink to create Blood tokens that pays off if you control more Vampires. Alongside the other Vampire cards released in Crimson Vow such as Odric, Blood Cursed, Mardu Vampires may be just as viable as Rakdos or Orzhov Vampires since the main obstacle to the three color version is the manabase.

That’s all for colorless, but I’m sure you can find some colorful ways to add and play these cards in your decks!

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