Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Review: Green

Welcome to the Green section of the NEO Set Review! Here you’ll see enchantments and cards that care about them as well as the usual powerful creatures. Let’s get started with the review!

Commune with Spirits

This cantrip digs four cards deep for one mana, and since it hits both enchantments and lands it almost never whiffs. This will be a great enabler for Enchantress decks looking for a specific payoff or for the right removal spell, or even just fixing if you are missing a color. If you want to hit at least one enchantment consistently (at least 80% of the time), my hypergeometric calculator says you should be running at least 33 enchantments. Hopefully this and the many other new enchantments will make the fringe Selesnya Enchantress deck a mainstay in Gladiator.

Generous Visitor

Generous Visitor is another card that I hope helps Enchantress decks compete. Played in the early game, this threat will continuously grow, however as you play more creatures it can spread the counters around to grow more powerful threats. I want to use it to pump my Archon of Sun’s Grace or maybe even my Kami of Transience.

Invoke the Ancients

Two threats for the price of one, and you get to pick from a swath of keywords? Not only is this card versatile, but it also is excellent against one-for-one removal other than Declaration in Stone. Pick vigilance when you need to play both offense and defense, pick reach against those pesky fliers, and pick trample when you need to force damage through. And you get eight power when you do this? This is almost as big as Gigantosaurus! Due to its restrictive casting cost this card will only see play in Mono-Green decks, however it will be a staple in both Midrange and ramp lists.

Jugan Defends the Temple

While this card might be too slow for aggressive green decks, it’s a perfect fit for Ramp decks. Chapter one offers you a mana dork, which usually would only cost you two mana and not three. However, chapter two can make it or other creatures you control bigger, enabling you to block better or apply pressure depending on the situation. Chapter three is the important one, as it creates a mana sink that can even grow to a powerful threat on its own. Since the Saga Modifies two of your creatures on chapter two, it only takes a little bit of effort to modify three more and turn this into a huge flying threat. Most of the time however it will grow one or two creatures, which is plenty on its own. Your opponent has to decide between answering the supersized threat and the card that supersizes future ones, and neither is a good option for them.

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Kami of Transience

This Kami is the threat that Enchantress decks need. An on rate creature with evasion to start with, it doesn’t take long before this threat grows out of hand. It will gain one or two counters most turns, and when combined with trample, this results in a serious pummeling. My favorite part however is that the card can recur itself whenever one of your enchantments hits the graveyard. Whether this is the result of an enchantment creature dying in combat, an opponent’s removal spell, or even sacrificing a Saga, this Kami will keep coming back and pressuring the opponent. I am terrified of the possibility of this being enchanted with All that Glitters.

Kodama of the West Tree

This Kodama will be best friends with Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig and other big creatures that start off with no evasion of their own. Not only does it make sure they aren’t stopped by chump blockers, but it also ramps you when they hit the opponent, giving you more mana to sink into threats like Stonecoil Serpent and Remnant of the Rising Star. Having reach is also a nice touch since aggressive green decks traditionally struggle with flyers. Kodama goes in nearly every green creature deck, regardless if they are Aggro, Midrange, or Ramp.

Kura, the Boundless Sky

A green creature with flying is a rarity, and this one also comes with deathtouch and a powerful death trigger on top of that. Kura can either leave behind a massive creature or search your library for three lands. Kura plays defense well thanks to deathtouch and leaving behind a blocker with reach. From an aggressive point of view, while it may seem to be better to leave behind a new threat, the lands you find can actually be three threats themselves. My favorite choices are Faceless Haven, Lair of the Hydra, and Mobilized District which all see play in Mono-Green Aggro and Midrange. Most decks struggle to deal with one creature land, but getting to find three of them means you won’t miss another land drop and you’ll always have a use for your mana. Maybe you just need to draw cards though? Then may I suggest Bonders’ Enclave and Tranquil Thicket. And the possibilities only grow when you are in multicolored decks. Want your Phyrexian Tower? Easy, grab that and your two other favorite lands. Kura will be a great addition to the top end of Lands decks and generic Midrange decks alike.

Master’s Rebuke

Wizards just keeps on printing powerful green two mana removal spells, each offering a slightly different utility. Master’s Rebuke offers the ability to kill a creature or planeswalker at instant speed. While in most cases creatures are the problem, killing a planeswalker is not to be underestimated. Green traditionally has less haste than red based Aggro decks, and so being able to kill a walker the turn after a wrath or before a wrath wipes away your board is important to winning Control matchups. I’ll be slotting this in my green decks if I expect to sit across from Control at the next tournament.

Shigeki, Jukai Visionary

Shigeki has two powerful abilities, and although both are slightly overcosted, this is the price you pay for versatility. Don’t think of the first ability as four mana Rampant Growth. It lets you find more than a basic land, and simultaneously fills your graveyard for future use. I also like the line of blocking with Shigeki and then activating his ability, or even activating his ability and replaying him in the same turn. And his Channel ability is perfectly set up by his activated one. You fill the yard with juicy targets to recur, and fill your battlefield with lands to pay into the XX cost. Shigeki seems like a good source of mana, fixing, and recursion for Midrange and Ramp strategies, and I hope to test him out to see if his versatility is worth the cost.

Tamiyo’s Safekeeping

The fourth in the line of green protection spells, Tamiyo’s Safekeeping brings up the question: How many protection spells is too many? Unlike Blossoming Defense and Snakeskin Veil, this spell does not give your creature a buff in combat. However, like Heroic Intervention, it does stop your creature from dying to a wrath. Is the two life relevant? Likely not, but it isn’t nothing either. The most important element of this card is something we haven’t touched on yet: like Heroic Intervention, it protects any permanent, not just a creature. I want to see this as a protection piece in non-blue Combo decks or even as a tool in Enchantress to protect an important enchantment. If only Tamiyo had safekept herself.


That’s all the new Green cards from NEO. While my favorite card is Master’s Rebuke for green’s new ability to kill planeswalkers, what card(s) are you most excited about from the set? Feel free to ping me, WreckDeck#4901, with your thoughts in #new card discussion or new brews in #brewers-corner!

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