Streets of New Capenna Set Review: Red

SNC is a mostly multicolor set, but there are still a few mono-red cards that stand out. In this set Red supports aggressive strategies, makes treasures, and has many cards with the new Blitz mechanic. Let’s blitz right in!

Big Score

I love Big Score. I think it will play well in decks that can copy spells, since you’ll draw two cards and create two Treasures without having to discard a second card. Storm decks will also pay off because of the two treasures adding more mana to push up that storm count. This might even see play in Gladiator decks that want to ramp into big threats.

Devilish Valet

Devilish Valet won’t make the cut for a mono-red Aggro list, but it’s a beater when played in a Boros or Naya Token-based list. A 1/3 isn’t good enough on its own, because aggressive stats are a necessity for mono-red, but this gets big fast when working with an army of small creatures. This would be much better as a two drop, but fits ok in the three drop slot.

Glittering Stockpile

Unfortunately this is just a Manalith with upside that costs a red mana to cast. The upside is that if you use Glittering Stockpile enough you can sacrifice the stockpile for a ritual. Most decks don’t run the 3 cost mana rocks unless they have a mayor upside. Unfortunately, a late game ritual probably just isn’t enough. Despite that it could still find a home in Storm decks or Ramp decks since with enough counters it provides a lot of mana.


This one drop could work in mono red Aggro. While it is only a 1/1, Goldhound has first strike AND menace, giving it evasion and the potential to beat out bigger creatures using combat tricks or burn spells. Nothing like killing a 4/4 blockers with a bolt and a first striker! In a pinch if you’re short on lands it can even give you a tempo advantage by bringing out a bigger threat early.

Hoard Hauler

Four mana is a hefty commitment to a creature that can’t attack or block without support. Hoard Hauler’s secondary text is usually irrelevant, but it is helpful against artifact decks. Perhaps this could be slotted into an Artifact or Vehicle of your own, but I’m not high on this card.

Jaxis, the Troublemaker

Any Big Red or Midrange deck loves the value from Jaxis, the Troublemaker. This can be Blitzed in as an effective three mana copy of a creature you control that draws you a card and grants the copy haste. If you blink a Blitzed card you may lose the draw card value but you do get to keep the card at a discount. It’s also good in Blink decks just to get the etb.

Professional Facebreaker

A 2/3 menace isn’t bad stats thanks to the evasion, and impulse draw is great in any red deck. I think Professional Facebreaker makes the cut for a three-drop slot in mono-red Aggro, and it works in other aggressive red decks too. In an aggressive deck the treasures work for impulse card draw, but they can also work in Big Red for ramp or to help hold up a one or two maana instant after spending all or all but one of your mana to cast a spell during your turn.

Riveteers Requisitioner

A two mana 3/1 is great stats for mono-red Aggro, and the Treasure on death is a nice upside. Blitz gives haste and draws a card, making Riveteers Requisitioner an excellent draw late or early. The prevalence of first strike and small bodies does make the one toughness of this card a weakness, however.

Rob the Archives

Rob the Archives may seem poor because the text says until the end of your turn rather than the end of your next turn, but Casualty 1 helps this card find a home in Pyromancer decks or Token decks, since a four card selection is worth the shorter window to play the cards.

Sticky Fingers

Not sure what deck this finds a home in, perhaps a red mid-range that has aggressive creatures and bigger top-end?. Sticky Fingers feels like a red version of Curious Obsession. I don’t see this finding play except in a niche deck, however.


This spell is similar to Frost Bite, exchanging a consistent three damage for sorcery speed. While Strangle feels like a bad Lightning Bolt since it’s a sorcery that doesn’t go face, it’s still a one mana burn spell that does three damage. That’s all it really needs to be in gladiator, to be a great card.

Unlucky Witness

The stats are probably too small to see play in mono red aggro, but Unlucky Witness’s death trigger is decent impulse draw. This makes it a decent creature for Aristocrats decks which don’t mind sacrificing cards for value.

Urabrask, Heretic Praetor

I’ve talked a lot about impulse draw, but wow this is repeatable impulse draw! And you get to share the love with your opponent! Urabask, Heretic Praetor disrupts control decks gameplans by messing with scry effects and blanking counter spells, so I’d run this in any Midrange or Big Red deck. Does it stack up to cards like Glorybringer? Losing evasion is a big deal, and Glorybringer is probably stronger. But compared to other hasty dragons that aren’t removal on a stick, I think Urabrask might be stronger because of the impulse card draw and disruption of the opponent’s game plan.

That’s all for red. Nothing too crazy, but definitely a few fun ones to try out in your decks. Make sure to check out the Multicolor SNC set review, because that’s where the action is in this multicolor matters set. I hope you treasured this review! Thanks for reading.

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