About Gladiator

Gladiator is a 100 card singleton format, intended to be played primarily on MTG Arena. Many of the rules of the format are shared among other singleton variants, while also providing a unique experience.

Gladiator Rules

The matches are Best of Three, 1v1 and a starting life total of 20. Matches operate under the timer set by MTG Arena (unless otherwise specified by a tournament organizer).

Decks must contain a minimum of 100 cards. There are no sideboards, and thus no utilization of “Outside the Game” effects (Fae of Wishes, Mastermind’s Acquisition, etc) and no Companions. You may still include these cards in your deck, however the previously mentioned effects will not be in use.

The legal card pool features every card available on MTG Arena (including cards introduced by Historic Anthologies and Arena New Player Experience). Alchemy cards are also legal. However, the rebalanced versions are not. For example, if you’re going to play Wizard’s Class, you must use the original one printed in Adventures of the Forgotten Realms and not the one rebalanced for Alchemy. This doesn’t apply to digital-only cards, because they have only one version after rebalancing.

Cards with rules text specifying the number of legal copies in your deck supersede format rules. This currently applies to: Dragon’s Approach, Persistent Petitioners, Rat Colony, and Seven Dwarves.