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Gladiator Content Creators

Benjamin Wheeler

The original Gladiator.


Chill stream where Harju tests out different decks. Come and hang out! You can sometimes catch Harju streaming his way through a Weekly or Gladiator Games tournament as well.


Monday and Wednesday 7pm EST

Major Mineral is primarily a casual Gladiator streamer who takes deck submissions from viewers and plays them on stream. The stream is currently on hiatus from Magic but will be returning in advance of the Dungeons and Dragons set release starting June 1st. MajorMineral has been playing Magic in a number of formats since Odyssey block.

Sibert/Blutzoll Feuerball

BlutzollFeuerball provides its local community and the rest of the Magic world with Limited and Constructed videos! The channel is mainly run by Sibert, who is a speech scientist and has enjoyed Magic since 1998. He devoted most of his magic career to Draft, Highlander and community work in Münster and Bielefeld / Germany. Since the pandemic he switched from writing and tournament organizing to creating YouTube videos. With the advent of Strixhaven and its Mystical Archive, he started to incorporate Gladiator into his format repertoire. As a nonprofit project, BlutzollFeuerball does not have a rigid release schedule, but fans of Gladiator can expect 2-4 videos per month, in addition to other Constructed and Limited content. Dedicated to both the local and the international communities, the videos are in English and German. For feedback or participation in Gladiator videos, contact Sibert on the community discord or on twitter: @BlufeuSibert


Tuesday at 6:30 UK time and sporadically

Welcome to Mediocre Magic, where Tyreworm stumbles through a series of mostly midrange and aggro decks, all while trying to have some fun. Tyreworm has played Magic since 2015, and ever since Tyreworm discovered hand attack, Tyreworm rarely built decks without it. Tyreworm also collates the weekly tournament results into an analysis of the meta, and discusses current thoughts about the results and the meta’s evolution.