State of the Format update July 2020

By: Jake Nash 17 July 2020 There’s been a number of huge updates for our beloved format since the last state of the format. Key items: Core 2021, Jumpstart, Historic Anthology 3 released into the metagame The creation of the Gladiator Council and the banning of Field of the Dead Growth of the Gladiator DiscordContinue reading “State of the Format update July 2020”

G:AS Bant Counters Deck Tech

By HD_Dabnado 12 May 2020 Bant Counters Decklist I started playing Magic: The Gathering during the gap between M15 and Khans of Tarkir block. It was a unique time for Magic; before the Magic Origins shift began. While I did not play much standard, I was actively interested in standard cards. Back then I playedContinue reading “G:AS Bant Counters Deck Tech”

Gladiator Esper Control Deck Tech

By: Braxton Wolf (Brxtn_Wlf) 26 April 2020 Hello everyone, and welcome to my first (hopefully not last) deck tech for Gladiator. I’m gonna do the proper thing, considering we are super early in the format; set up what exactly Gladiator is. Gladiator is a 100 card singleton format, intended to be played primarily on MTGContinue reading “Gladiator Esper Control Deck Tech”

24 April 2020 Gladiator 26 Player Arena Tournament Results:

Excellent impromptu tournament, the format still looks wide open! 5-0 – Blizzard – Jund Midrange 4-1  – R676 – Sultai Vannifar 4-1 – Brooklyn  – Golgari Graveyard 4-1 – Dabnado – Dimir Control 4 – 1 – Samson1  – 4C Blood 3-2  – Ban  – Mono-White Aggro 3-2 – Dreadskull – 4C Graveyard 3-2 –Continue reading “24 April 2020 Gladiator 26 Player Arena Tournament Results:”