The New Writers Guide

Welcome to the independent Gladiator Blog! We are always grateful to have new writers.

Getting Started

  1. Fill out this form and let WreckDeck#4901 know. He’ll discuss your responses with you.
  2. Create a folder on Google Docs that has your Discord username or Discord nickname as the title. Share this folder with
  3. Start writing!
    1. After you finish your first draft, put the document into your shared Google folder. Make sure to give the ability to make suggestions! Also post the shared link to your post in the #submissions channel. 
    2. The editing process will begin! Our editors and, perhaps some other writers, will comb through your work to offer comments and suggestions on spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and content.
    3. This process will repeat until both you and the editing team are happy with the final product!
  4. Get started with WordPress!
    1. Create a WordPress account.
    2. DM MsBeccaFae (MsBeccaFae#7888) or Rae (Raeofsunlight#4214) on Discord with your username or the email attached to the account.
    3. Rae will give you the contributor role on the blog.
    4. WordPress will send you a confirmation email that you will need to accept.
    5. Once accepted, you will have access to the blog! 
  5. Familiarize Yourself With WordPress.
    1. Make a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe take a brief snack break. You deserve it.
    2. Read the Style Guide
    3. There is an introduction video near the top that you should watch. It’s a little outdated, but it will give you a good idea of how WordPress functions.
    4. Read the Style Guide again. I know, I know, it’s long and boring. But learning it can reduce the workload that our editing and formatting teams have to endure.
  6. Upload your first article
    1. Go to the posts section of the WordPress menu. Click “Add New”
    2. Add the title of your edited article to the top of the screen.
    3. Click the black + sign. Then click “paragraph”
    4. Copy and paste your edited article onto the page.
    5. Play with the formatting until you know how to:
      • Change paragraphs to headers
      • Make use of the Preview button
      • Learn how to add images
      • Add a featured image
      • Add an excerpt 
      • Add categories and tags
  7. Become yourself
    1. Go to this link while logged in: Profile ‹ The Gladiator Blog — WordPress. This link allows you to change the image and content shown in your author box at the bottom of your posts.
    2. Upload an image and add as much information about yourself as you are willing to share.
    3. If you have any social media that you would like to attach, scroll down to where it says “Social Media Links”. Then click “add this” to select a platform.
    4. Click update profile. You can see your author box at the bottom of your post when you are click “Preview”.
  8. Submit your post for review!
    1. Once your post has been submitted for review, send a message in the #submissions channel on Discord.
    2. Rae will then go over your submission and adjust the formatting as needed. 
    3. Once that is complete, your article will either be published immediately or scheduled for a later date. The post will only be scheduled to publish at a later date if you explicitly state that is what you want, or if you write a weekly or biweekly article that publishes at a specific time.

If you need help with anything WordPress related, please do not hesitate to send a message to MsBeccaFae (MsBeccaFae#7888) or Rae (Raeofsunlight#4214)! Whether it’s a simple error, a misunderstanding, or a 4-part WordPress training session in the voice channel, we are happy to help!